Day 18

First full day of awesome Portland, OR. How did we spend our day? We went on a food tour!! Yay food tours! And we wondered around Powells book store for over an hour.

This book store is huge and amazing! They have color coded rooms and have rooms and rooms of awesome books. I tried hard not to buy anything but I couldn’t help myself and walked out with four books and two handfuls of pictures of book covers that I need to get sometime. Love books and food!!

We went on a 3 hour tour with a wonderful man named Chris with Portland Walking Tours. If you’re ever thinking about coming here you should save up some money and take the tour. But only if you can go with Chris bc he was honest and super entertaining. We did only have an intimate group of five and he played well to the room. (But then again he was a stage actor on the side)

We ate:
Drinking chocolate from cacoa
Olive oil sampling
Salt tasting
Orange tomato soup
Cuban sandwich and homemade chips
Voodoo doughnuts
And beer!

Everything was good and the only downside or upside depending on how you look at it, but we ended the tour sharing a dozen donuts and drinking beers. It was a funny sight to see, people sitting in a bar with a dozen donuts spread out in front of us and only one knife. Two days in a row we had voodoo and now I think I’m donut out.

After the tour we met up with a friend from my high school years, Adrianna. We went to a local brewery called Bridgeport and caught up over beers and pizza.

Fun awesome first full day or as we remember it as the day Scott ate and drank to much.


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